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Lighting Components for Aerospace and Defense 

NVG/NVIS Incandescent NVG/NVIS LED NVG/NVIS Panel Lights Flashlight Filters Application Notes

Filter Hoods for Flashlights

      USA Gen3 tank



 NVIS White and Green A lenses are compatible with night vision devices and preserve adapted night vision

 Infrared (IR) Pass Filter lens block most visible light below 800 nm and convert flashlights into powerful IR illuminators when used with night vision devices

Lenses are shatterproof polymeric - Rubber anti-roll hood keeps flashlight stationary on horizontal surfaces - Filter hoods slip on or off quickly for rapid functional readiness




Anti-roll  1.0 (2.5 mm)*

Flip Hood  1.0 (2.5 mm)*

Anti-roll   2 (57mm)**

NVIS Green A

NVG Compatible Map and Utility Lighting

L-408-022-NVG L-608-022-NVG


Aviation Red

Red Filter to Preserve Adapted Night Vision




NVIS White

NVG Compatible Map and Utility Lighting




IR Illuminator

NVG and CCD Camera IR Illuminator




Covert IR Illuminator

  NVG Military and Law Enforcement




*Fits all 1.0" (2.54mm) bezel diameter flashlight heads including MAG AA and Surefire L1, L2, L3, E1E, E2E, E2D, E1B, E1L, E2L and M1 flashlights.

 **Fits all 2.25" (57mm) bezel diameter flashlight heads including MAG D and C cell flashlights.

Filter lenses are available for most flashlight brands. Please contact us with your dimensional requirements.


Enhanced Night Vision - Improves performance of night vision devices in extreme or total darkened environments.

Covert Night Vision - Our NV1 IR filters are virtually invisible to non-NVG personnel and meet secure covert lighting requirements. See below.

Efficient Slips on or off quickly for rapid functional readiness.

Impact Resistant Rubber anti-roll hood increases shock resistance.

Shatterproof lens - Scratch resistant polymeric filter lenses are permanently mounted.

Lumitron NV1 Covert IR illuminator band filter has been specially formulated to transmit infrared radiation at wavelengths greater than approximately 800nm and are thereby virtually opaque to visible light.

Our high transmission IR illuminator band filter eliminates 99% of the visible spectrum. Excellent transmittance up to a maximum of approximately 90% in the infra red region from 850nm  2000nm, 50% transmission at 780nm and effectively 0% below 740nm in the visible spectrum.

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